Peter and Mirjam Carels, known together as the designers of Mr. Grasshopper, are a Rotterdam based      creative team who design and build pieces that synthesise functionality, sculptural elegance and a philosophy of space and sustainability.

Their pieces interact organically with the space they are intended to inhabit; working within the limitations of the environment and complimenting it in a way that stresses the beauty of the materials and its surroundings.

Their constructions appear to test the limits of physical feasibility; being often unusually thin, tall and seemingly weightless, they fit imperceptibly into the narrow spaces and unobserved areas of a room, embellishing or activating the space’s latent potential.


Peter and Mirjam frequently make use of recycled materials, breathing new life into discarded objects, rediscovering their latent beauty and purpose.

Fittingly their namesake, the Grasshopper, is an ancient symbol in Chinese folklore and philosophy, embodying the spirits of deceased loved ones who bring with them peace and renewed wellbeing.


Their own living space, a small house in the centre of Rotterdam, is an ideal example of this philosophy. Working with discarded materials, they created practical, elegant and space efficient solutions to their needs; for example, an elevated bed above a walk in closet to make the best use of the high ceilings in their basement, creating a tranquil sleeping area and much needed storage space.


The marriage of practicality and personality, durability and evocative design make Peter and Mirjam’s work a striking, useful and elegant addition to any living space and an ideal solution for storage or decorative needs.




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